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Beauty has an address ~ Oman

Akhwar ( Beach Lagoons)

The Akhwar ( Beach Lagoons) represent an ecosystem in whose vicinity many living organisms exist. The lagoons spread along the coast of Oman from the top of the mountains (Musandam) in the north, through Al-Batinah Coast and the shores of the Ash Sharqiyah Governorate, ending at the coasts of the Governorate of Dhofar in the south. Most of these lagoons were formed at the estuary of large valleys. Sea water is usually the water source of this type of lagoon, in addition to the fresh water originating in the valleys.

Khawr AlBatah

This lagoon is the largest in the A'Sharqiyah South Governorate and serves as a commercial port where merchant ships and fishing vessels of various types anchor.  The lagoon extends over a distance o...
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Khawr Al Maghsayl

Khawr Al Maghsayl lies at the eastern end of Jabal Al Qamar (Moon Mountain) in the Governorate of Dhofar. The area of this lagoon is about half a square kilometre, its length is about three kilometres...
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Khawr Awqad

This lagoon is located in the Dhofar Governorate...
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Khawr Al Baleed

This lagoon takes its name from the ancient city which lies on the banks of this lagoon. The lagoon flanks the city on the east and north. In ancient times, this lagoon was connected to the sea and u...
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Bandar Khayran Reserve

This reserve is at a distance of 30-40 minutes by boat from Bandar Al Rawdha Marina, located in the heart of Muscat. The boat ride is made even more pleasurable with the accompaniment of some dolphins...
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Khawr Ad Dahareez

In its location and importance, this lagoon is similar to Khawr Awqad. Khawr Ad Dahareez is located at the eastern entrance of Salalah city in the Governorate of Dhofar...
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Khawr Najd

This lagoon is one of the largest in the Governorate of Musandam, and is from the word ‘help’ in Arabic. At times of distress, travellers and traders laid up there during bad weather conditions at sea...
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Pink Lagoons

This lagoon is an amalgamation of salt water pools. Given the nature of the soil’s pink colour, the ponds’ water looks pink, hence the name (Pink Lakes). These lakes are located in the Central Region...
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Khawr Al Qurm Al Sagheer and Al Kabeer

These two lagoons are located near the Hilton Hotel Salalah in the Governorate Dhofar...
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Khawr Ruri

Khawr Ruri is the largest reserve in the Governorate of Dhofar. It is considered the most attractive to tourists as it contains Khawr Ruri port, famously known as Samharam. Nearby, there are importan...
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Khawr Sham

This lagoon is located in Wilayat Khasab in the Governorate of Musandam...
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Khawr Sawli

Khawr Sawli, located in Wilayat Taqa in the Governorate of Dhofar, is amongst the most important lagoons regarding the number of plant, animal and micro-organisms that live in the lagoon, and is one ...
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Khawr Taqah

Khawr Taqah is located at the western entrance of Taqah City in Dhofar Governorate...
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