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Dec 30, 2012

Shura Council hosts Minister of Tourism today

Investment mechanisms and updating utilization and tourist complexes agreements in the heart of the debate -
Withdrawing 22 of 53 tourism lands which are not implemented and 280 so far unexploited -
Shura Council hosts today Ahmed bin Nasser al- Mahrzi, Minister of Tourism who will deliver a ministerial statement which addresses several themes related to the tourism sector in the Sultanate and the current and future mechanisms and work plans.
The Tourism Minister in his statement will address  the adopted policies to encourage local and foreign investors to develop tourism projects in areas outside Muscat Governorate and main cities and the legislative and regulatory environment for the tourism sector and the efforts of the Ministry in coordination with the concerned authorities to update the usufruct agreements and procedures for allocating land for tourism purposes and the establishment of schemes for tourist areas, policies, procedures and alternatives through which the Ministry deals with domestic and foreign investors with respect to deferred or delayed projects implemented or scheduled for withdrawal of its owners, especially for the integrated tourism projects, including Blue City project.

The statement will be followed by the Minister of Tourism debate with their excellencies members of the Shura Council on all aspects of the tourism sector, which would help in enhancing the sector.
The Ministry of Tourism to cancel land agreements with 22 investors who had acquired the right to use to set up tourism projects, but did not implement their projects within the agreed time period allocated for them.
The minister said the total lands registered in the name of the Ministry of tourism all over the Sultanate is 454 lands of which 88 are leased , 11 with management and operation contracts, 41 with government projects, and 280 are still untapped.
The host of the Shura Council to the Minister of Tourism comes within its fifth and sixth of the second annual session (2012 - 2013 ) of the seventh period of the Council