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Beauty has an address ~ Oman

Salalah City

Salalah City receives its visitors with large vistas of grass and water mist, opening its arms to them and spreading the shade of its palm trees (locally called Coconut). The smell of frankincense wafts through the city. This is the same frankincense that has been portrayed on the walls of ancient Pharaonic temples ever since Hatshepsut journeyed to Oman’s fertile lands. Salalah is famous for its lights that sparkle through the night’s lyrical breezes and the day’s sun rays beating down on the waves that dance in celebration of Salalah’s eternal spring.

History and culture play pivotal roles in delineating the features of Salalah people, and the city’s nature and culture. Studies and research carried out by a number of scholars point to the ancient history of this city. This is evidenced by the various writings and inscriptions found on artefacts belonging to a succession of civilisations that have risen and fallen in this land and which still have their impact to the present day. Excavations are still under way to determine the exact historic timeline of these civilisations, including the Al Bilayd civilization which dates back to between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries, and the archaeological finds indicate the existence of much business activity.

The unique climatic factors make Salalah a magical spot and the jewel of the Arabian Sea. Here you will enjoy monsoon (khareef) amidst the green carpet woven by nature in Salalah, and marvel at the steep mountain views, bathed in the colours of sunset and sunrise that visitors enjoy every day, and marvel at the abundance of rare types of birds.