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Mosques in Oman

The venerable Sahabi (companion of prophet Mohamed peace be upon him) Mazin Bin Gadhubah Al Sa’di was the first man in Oman to embrace Islam. He lived in Samail, where the first mosque built in Oman is still standing. Nowadays, this mosque is known as the "Al Midhmar Mosque".

In spite of the huge urban development evident in its palaces, castles, forts and ancient houses, the design of mosques in Oman has been marked by simplicity, in line with the laws of Islam and the Sunna of the Prophet so as to achieve the spiritual functions of the mosque.

Today, Muscat, as is case in all villages and cities, a large number modern mosques have preserved the design lines of Omani Islamic architecture.

Mosques in Oman have their own form of architectural diversity that reflects the era in which they were built. Sultan Saeed Bin Taymoor Mosque in Al Khuwayr area, Muscat Governorate, is a gorgeous example of Ottoman architecture, while Al Sayeeda Maizoun Mosque in Al Khawd area, Muscat Governorate, has been built along Moroccan architectural lines. If you visit Sukeina Bint Alawi Mosque overlooking Sultan Qaboos Street in Al Qurm area, you will see how this mosque is a true testament to Fatimid architecture. Added to all this wealth are the innumerable mosques that dot the Omani terrain, each with its own distinctive architectural style.