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Beauty has an address ~ Oman

Planning, Follow up, & Information


  • Preparing the overall strategy for the tourism sector in cooperation with other departments to achieve the goals set by the Ministry.
  • Reviewing detailed project plans from all Directorate Generals. Preparing the plan for each section, and the investment program for the Ministry. After approval, monitoring the implementation of the plans in coordination with other department and sections.
  • Following up all approved tourism plans, taking all the necessary actions to ensure the compliance of all Directorates.
  • Researching all problems and obstacles in implementing tourism plans, and suggesting solutions.
  • Carrying out research needed to achieve the objectives of the tourism sector, and contribute to its improvement.
  • Planning and implementing the use of the latest technology to assist in achieving the objectives.
  • Analyzing data relating to the tourism sector and publishing the results for all Ministry departments.
  • Preparing plans and programs to establish a database of all related tourist and geographic information, and disseminating it to all associated directorates and sections through as many channels a possible.
  • Preparing planned studies for tourist areas and assessing the necessary requirements for infrastructure.  Coordinating with relevant parties to register the potential land to be used for tourism purposes.
  • Making use of all tourism studies conducted globally to plan the strategies for tourism sector in the Sultanate of Oman

Director General : Helal Ghalib Al Hinai
Tel:+968 22088400
Email: Hhinai@omantourism.gov.om