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Tourism Promotion


  • Preparing, following up and implementing plans, strategies & programs for the promotion of tourism in the Sultanate of Oman, in coordination with all representative offices, embassies, and related parties in all targeted countries.
  • Identifying the targeted markets internally and internationally and, in coordination with relevant parties, implementing promotional strategies for those targeted markets in accordance with the plan and aims of the Ministry.
  • Choosing the right promotional tools for the Omani tourism product according to the targeted markets.
  • Evaluating the participation in all exhibitions and events in coordination with related parties.
  • Preparing all promotional materials in coordination with relevant parties according to the targeted markets.
  • Establishing and operating the tourism Call Center, and providing it with necessary tourist information.
  • Consulting with the current representative offices outside Oman, and suggesting the best ways to represent the Sultanate in foreign markets.
  • Raising awareness of tourism inside the Sultanate of Oman in order to create a good understanding of the tourism sector, and encourage internal tourism.
  • Preparing events and programs in the low season to stimulate tourism both internally and internationally.

Director General:Salem Adi Al Mamari



Email: SMamari@omantourism.gov.om