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Hotel Apartment Classification Criteria

These properties usually appeal to a budget-traveller’s basic needs for comfort and convenience. They meet the basic requirements relative to cleanliness and hospitality. Many properties do not have a restaurant on site, but are often located in close proximity of a dining establishment   
These properties appeal to the traveller’s basic needs but offer moderate aesthetic enhancements in terms of apartment décor, design elements and amenities. Some may offer limited food and beverage services   
These properties offer a higher level of service that appeals to the traveller with comprehensive needs. The property grounds, décor, design elements, and amenities are noticeable; upgraded in terms of style and quality. Most properties in this category feature food and beverage facilities offering breakfast, lunch and dinner services.Room service availability may vary.   
These properties are upscale in all areas, distinguishing themselves with an extensive array of amenities combined with a high degree of hospitality, service, and attention to detail. A well integrated design with refined and stylish accommodations, excellent restaurant facilities, and landscaped grounds are visible throughout the property. The comfort and convenience of every guest is the staff's prevailing mission   

These luxury properties reflect the characteristics of ultimate sophistication and are members of a small elite group of hotel apartments. These properties exhibit an exceptionally high degree of service and hospitality. The physical attributes are outstanding in every manner, displaying an original design, elegant room decor, exceptional dining, and meticulously maintained grounds. Many personalized services and amenities exceed the guest's expectation. The mission of the well trained staff is to fulfil the guest's unexpressed wishes and to consistently provide service levels that will delight the property's guests