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Ministry of Tourism, NYC launch ‘tourism communication partners’ initiative

April 18 , 2019

The Ministry of Tourism of the Sultanate of Oman, in partnership with the National Youth Committee (NYC), has launched an initiative of "Tourism Communication Partners", on Wednesday, April 17, 2019. The objective of the initiative is to activate the role of the social media activists and influencers in the promotion of various tourism elements for which Oman is known around the world. Registration for the initiative will continue till May 6, through the website. of the National Youth Committe ( www.nyc.om)
This joint initiative of the Ministry of Tourism and the NYC was the result of the youth meeting which held in the third tenure of the committee 2016-18 as part of the “Youth Dialogues” project of citizenship and belongingness programme. This idea of the initiative was hugely supported by the officials and experts of the Ministry of Tourism during the open meeting between the honorable minister and a number of Omani social media activities and influencers held in Ramadan last year at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre.
The initiative is aimed at activating the role of the social communication activists in the promotion the tourism elements of the Sultanate and building an effective social partnership between the tourism sector and the youth group as part of the common national responsibility. This is expected to help in opening of direct communication channels with them and providing them information and promotional contents and in organisation of various tourism activities, tours within the set time frame of eight months.
This initiative would provide an opportunity to the tourism communication partners to contribute in an innovative, diverse and attractive manner in the promotion of digital content about tourism in Oman. This content is expected to be spread on various social media platforms which would be partners in the pursuit of increasing awareness about tourism in the country, its various elements, experience, products as well as investment opportunities in the sector.
The vision of the initiative ‘Tourism Communication Partners’ is to open up horizons of social cooperation to stimulation the sector as a national duty. The direct message of the initiative is the formation of an active network of social media activists and influencers who would be creating awareness about tourism of the Sultanate of Oman and introduce its products and services and cooperate in crisis management and participation in activities of the sector.
The information campaign regarding the "Tourism Communication Partners" initiative was also launched on Wednesday. The detailed information regarding the initiative will be published on social networking sites and social media accounts of the Ministry of Tourism and the NYC. The registration will only be through the official website of the committee.(ENDS)