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Investors & Quality Management


  • Designing, planning and implementing quality control for all tourism products.
  • Issuing licenses for all tourism services including hotels, tour operators, travel agents …etc.
  • Monitoring all provision of accommodation and other tourism services to ensure compliance with the Ministry’s rules and regulations.
  • Setting up standards for quality in all tourism services.
  • Implementing a system of quality rating for all tourism services.
  • Working and coordinating with all hotels and other providers of tourist accommodation in both the private and public sectors, to raise standards to an international level.
  • Providing the necessary financial and technical support to encourage investment in tourism locally and world wide.
  • Collecting suggestions, complaints and feedback from citizens, tourists, and all companies working in this field, in order to improve the quality of services.

Director General: Eng. Mohammed Mahmoud Al Zadjali
Tel:+968   22088255
Email: mzadjali@omantourism.gov.om