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Ras AlHadd Discoveries

Excavations in Ras AlHadd Discoveries in the Wilayt Sur in A'Sharqiyah South Governorate(Eastern Region) reveal ruins that date back to the prehistoric period in the Sultanate of Oman. The building contains three rooms for two or three houses built round a small courtyard. It is believed that some relics found in this site may date back to the days of Mesopotamian civilisation. Pieces of shell for making rings have been found, which indicates that this region was used for many crafts. A limestone incense burner was also found that dates back to approximately 2200 BC. Also found are two pieces of porphyry stones from a vessel base that dates back to the Egyptian civilisation. This indicates a cultural link between Oman and Pharaonic Egypt. Some women's jewellery dating back to 2700 BC was also found there.