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Turtles Museum

Ras(Cape) Al Hadd is an internationally renowned nesting site sanctuary for the Green Sea Turtles, Chelonia Mydas, harboring  one of the largest nesting population in the world. Around 13,000 Sea turtles come ashore along this sanctuary every year. Ras Al Hadd  sanctuary is the largest nesting site in the Indian Ocean and the only site in the world where Sea Green Turtles come every night all year round.

But the story of Ras Al Jinz is not just a story about turtles. It’s just as much a story about humans who have been sharing this same beach with turtles for eight thousand years and probably more. The archaeological findings at Ras Al Jinz site -although the settlement there was only a fishing village- present a glimpse into the Ancient Civilization of Magan that, between 3000 and 2000 BCE, had culturally unified the Oman Peninsula, from the Abu Dhabi islands down to Masirah, in close connection with Mesopotamia, Iran, and the Indus Valley.

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