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Beauty has an address ~ Oman

I castelli

Existing castles in Oman offer diverse glimpses of a powerful, wealthy Arabian culture living in turbulent times at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. Largely clustered in the northern one-third of the country, these often-enormous

The dizzying heights of many Omani castles and the complexity and weight of fortifications is a clear reminder that here were not nomadic herders, but some of the finest architects and engineers of their times and ours. Each castle has distinctive engineering and architectural features that make it a physical challenge and an education to visit today. Be prepared for plenty of climbing up and down steps in your exploration of these enormous structures.

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Il castello di Khasab

Gli omaniti hanno costruito l’odierno castello di Khasab sulle rovine dell’antico castello eretto all’epoca del dominio portoghese nell’XI secolo dell’egira, corrispondente al XVII secolo d.C. Alcune ...
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Il castello di Ras Al Hadd

Situato a Ras Al Hadd, nel distretto di Sur, nella regione di Ash Sharqiyah, è un monumento storico lungo 16 metri e largo 13. Possiede due torri merlate da cui si poteva tirare ed è dotato di feritoi...
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