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Crafts in Oman

Oman is among the leading countries that support craft industries. The government has attached great importance to this industry because it reflects a social culture and one of the most important legacies inspired by the Omani environment.

Al Jarz

Al Jarz is a small axe head installed on a long stick (usually made of jujube wood or wood from the Al Majz tree, species of trees that grow in Musandam). Al Jarz is a unique tool used by men in Musan...
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Daggers and Swords

A normal or hooked dagger is the most important component of the Omani dress. Omanis are keen to acquire daggers and appear wearing them at official events, national celebrations and weddings. Due to ...
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Incense Making

Incense refers to aromatic substances or mixtures burned on hot coals to transform them to fragrant fumes. Incense and coal are usually put in a traditional clay receptacle called a censer or brazier...
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The Leather Industry

Since ancient times, Omanis have made use of cattle skins to manufacture various products, such as water urns and pitchers, and a variety of other pieces. The Wilayt of Mirbat, Nizwa and AlMudaybi are...
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Omanis have known the textile industry from ancient times. This has been called the industry of Sidu (weaving) by the Bedouins, who have woven sheep’s and goat’s wool. Fabrics woven from animal wool a...
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The Omani Dress

Men’s clothes are known for their simplicity and adaptation to their surrounding environment. Their dress is a long robe, locally called "dishdashah", with a round neckline surrounded by a thin ribbo...
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The Omani Halwa Industry

Omani halwa enjoys an extensive reputation in the country and abroad and is considered an symbol of generosity and excellence. Omani halwa accompanies Omanis in times of joy and sorrow; hence not a si...
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Palm leave products

The Palm leave products depends on palm trees. There are Al Khaws (palm leaves), the Zawr (palm branches stripped of their leaves), the palm trunk and the fibre. For example, mats(rugs) are made of t...
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The Pottery

The art of pottery-making is an inherent and distinct testimony to the world’s civilisations as it reflects the extent of their development and advancement. Though pottery-making is one of the simple...
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Distillation of Rose Water

Roses are planted on a large scale in Al Jabal Al Akhdar (the Green Mountain). Farmers then collect and process them. Yet, this craft is not without its hardships; however, the hardship and fatigue so...
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The Ship Building Industry

The Omani ship building industry occupies a very important place among the traditional Omani industries, as Omanis have excelled in this industry. Ships have played a major role in the Omanis' abilit...
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Silver wares

The silver industry occupies a key place in the history of Oman. Omani silver jewellery is characterised by a rich sense of the aesthetic and reflects the unique taste of the country’s authentic art,...
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Carpentry Products

Omanis have utilised the abundance and variety of trees in the Sultanate to make a number of objects such as doors, windows, and chests (locally called manadees, used to store various items). ...
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Harvesting Frankincense

The fruit are gathered from the beginning of April of each year when temperatures start to rise. Heat helps bring out the liquid from the frankincense. This process requires an expert making incision...
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