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Water Springs in Oman

The importance of the natural water springs varies according to the quality of their water, ranging from warm and cold water, fresh drinking water, saline and alkaline water, mixed with valley water which is suitable for agriculture. There is another kind of spring that contains varying proportions of mineral salts, making them ideal for curative and relaxation purposes.

Springs of different kinds are widespread in various parts of the Sultanate. Most of these springs stem from the mountainous areas, and vary in their abundance of water, temperature and quality ... including:

AlKasfah Spring

AlKasfah Spring is located in Wilayt ArRustaq in Al Batinah South Governorate. It is a collection of natural water springs whose temperatures reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. Hot water pours out of it ...
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AthThawarah Spring

These are a collection of hot springs that gush forth all year round from Silud Mountain and flow from the valley for a distance of 300 metres before branching out into two tributaries: Falaj “Kabbah...
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Springs in Dhofar

Dhofar is famous for the presence of more than 360 springs distributed on the mountain brows and the edges of mountains adjacent to the coastal plain, while a small number of springs are present in An...
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