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Beauty has an address ~ Oman


The Ministry of Tourism’s marketing strategy aims to promote Oman internationally as a quality destination for responsible tourists and, in doing so, to spread of tourism benefits across the Sultanate of Oman. The Ministry’s portfolio of marketing activities adds to wide ranging government programs that showcase Oman as a preferred location for business, trade, tourism and living.

Leading the implementation of Oman’s National Brand Mark, our marketing focus is to position Oman as a quality destination for an authentic Arabian visitor experience. Culture, heritage, nature and adventure feature in our promotions, with our call to action being:

Beauty has an address ~ Oman

Our call to action is used to convey the message: there are moments in Oman that make you realize beauty has an address. This includes tangible and intangible visitor experiences from world class scenery to the sparkle of meeting enchanting people.

As a guide to our activities, the Ministry’s marketing and promotional activities span:

  • Awareness campaigns to the travel trade and consumers. The Ministry will launch a global awareness campaign in late 2011.
  • Trade and consumer educational and tactical campaigns in concert with Oman Air, Oman's hotels and tour companies.
  • Events marketing and promotions - including regional and national events
  • E-Marketing using the Ministry’s portal as well as online travel agents, and campaigns hosted by our trade partners.
  • Airline marketing - through partnership programs with Oman Air and selected airlines.
  • Travel trade and consumer shows and exhibitions- including exhibition coordination for Omani hotels, tour companies and tourism service providers.
  • Regional tourism marketing and promotion– with Governorates and event organisers
  • Schools’ programs on the value of tourism.

Our international activities are managed through representative offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Russia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), India and Australia see more. The resources allocated to these offices are generally proportional to their respective market size and potential.

The Ministry is also increasing domestic tourism promotions and associated major events including the Muscat Festival (January to February) and the Salalah Tourism Festival (July to August).

Originality and innovation are important elements of the Ministry’s marketing strategy. Accordingly, the Ministry’s Marketing and Promotions Division welcomes suggestions and proposals on how to improve marketing outcomes for the Sultanate.